HSBC Safeguard

What is HSBC Safeguard?

In today’s technology–driven world, banking security has never been more important. At HSBC we’re constantly putting new and better ways in place to protect our customers’ accounts.

This is why we’re introducing HSBC Safeguard; a series of initiatives designed to better protect all our customers from fraud and financial crime. To do this effectively, we need a little help from you. We have global systems that deter and detect criminal activity. To work most effectively, these systems rely on having the most up–to–date customer information. Now we need to confirm that the information we have about you is both accurate and current.

Customer Information Review Document Requirements

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Common FAQ’s

HSBC Safeguard and You, click here (PDF,42KB)to read the FAQs.

Protecting you from Fraud & Financial Crime

In today’s increasingly connected world, it’s more important than ever to ensure your security – especially when it comes to banking. That’s why we’re introducing HSBC Safeguard: a series of initiatives designed to provide better protection for all of our customers from fraud and financial crime across our global processes and systems.

Information is key to protection

Our systems and processes rely on us having the most up–to–date information about all of our customers. Soon you will be asked to do one or all of the following:

  • Confirm or update your existing personal or business details
  • Provide some new information which may include original documents

We understand that this may cause some inconvenience, and we apologise in advance for this, but we will work with you to ensure the process is as simple and straightforward as possible. We are committed to the international effort to detect and prevent financial services being used to launder proceeds of crime. To help with this, we must comply with legal and regulatory obligations in taking a risk based approach to obtaining information about our clients.

It is imperative that should you receive communication from us regarding a request to update our records, that you provide the requested information in a fulsome, prompt and timely manner. Receipt of the requested information will enable us to better safeguard your financial transactions and information.

What do I need to know?

HSBC Safeguard is a series of initiatives that safeguard your hard-earned money and savings from financial crime and fraud. To do this we need to ensure the information we have about you is correct.

Over the next few months we will:

  • Review all our customer accounts to check we have all the details we need
  • Be in touch if we need you to confirm, update or provide new information.

How does HSBC Safeguard help me?

In a world that’s more connected than ever, there’s an even greater need for security. Our global systems are best able to provide you with world-class protection against financial crime when we have your most up–to–date information.

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